Paul Vigil is known as one of the most discriminating magicians / mentalist in the world.


He has been practicing the art of magic since the age of 5, and 10 years later Paul under took the challenge of becoming a professional performer. Within a further year Paul had become one of the most in demand performers in his native Salt Lake City.


The center of magic, Las Vegas, soon called for Paul to join the ranks of the industries leaders and in 2002 Paul moved to Las Vegas, soon to establish himself as one of the finest performers the city has to offer.


Alongside a full and demanding performance career, Paul’s creative contributions have not gone unnoticed by his peers. Nominated multiple times and winning the award for “Magic Trick of the Year”, as well as being asked to present his theories, ideas and concepts to other performers in his noted lectures.


With numerous performances at every major Las Vegas casino and full-house shows at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, as well as entertaining the likes of Nobel Laureates – he is ready to bring his own type of wonder and astonishment to intelligent audience’s the world over.


Paul has appeared on several hit TV shows including the Emmy award winning Penn & Teller’s “Bullsh!t” and multiple performances on “Hocus Pocus” hosted by Fielding West and Teresa Livingstone, as well as being the featured performer at the World Famous Magic Castle, performances that garnered multiple standing ovations.


You might think that with all of this under his belt he would only be able to talk about one thing: magic. However nothing could be further from the truth. Paul is as smart as his magic and is known to be a wonderful guest and is often used as an ambassador of good will by companies incorporating his magic into mingling with guests as the ultimate ice-breaker.


After graduating high school Paul attended Utah State University on the “Minority Leadership Award Scholarship” and “All-American Academic Scholarship” for a number of years. He then became the recipient of the “Botanical Preservation Corp. Scholarship”, which led him into an academic study of the ethno-pharmacology and magic used throughout history; something that Paul has continued to study and combine with his performance thinking.